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Current Job Openings
Relevant candidates are invited to send their CV to:

Senior Developer (Full time, hybrid)


-Extensive experience in developing with Python on Linux systems.
-Extensive experience using and administering Linux-based (or BSD based) operating systems and a very good understanding on the structure and inner workings of such systems. This must include some experience with some of the following container technologies; virtualization, configuration management, file systems tuning, high-performance computing, kernel tuning, network stack configuration (including iptable/netfilter/nftables), in-system security modules and frameworks, eBPF and other related technologies.

Ideally (not a must), the candidate should also have:

-Good knowledge and background in computer security systems.
This should include a very good understanding of concepts such as endpoint security, network security, encryption/cryptography and system-internals security frameworks.

-Extensive experience developing with either Rust, Go, C/C++, C#, Java
-Meaningful hands-on experience with any embedded or pseudo-embedded development (examples include Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi and Micro networking devices).

-Some hands-on experience with mobile development (either iOS/Android with any language).

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