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RubyComm Product Family

Blue-collar workers

Rubyk-OT for Industrial and Smart City Assets

Safeguard Your Industrial assets and your network

“Industrial organizations are increasingly facing cyber threats not only to their information technology (IT) systems but to their operational technology (OT) environments as well. As OT becomes more connected, digitized and automated, the potential for cyber attackers to break in and cause dangerous disruptions or overrides increases with it. Accidents and unintentional exposures have also caused major incidents.” KPMG, October 2023

Security Camera

Rubyk-CAM for Security Cameras and Access Points

Safeguard Your security cameras and your network

“"Smart" cameras are one of the most ubiquitous IoT devices in the business world today, but they’re also one of the riskiest regarding cybersecurity. What makes these devices so problematic—and a hacker’s dream—is that they fail at basic cybersecurity, are often accessible from the internet and almost always have outbound access to the internet, too. They also have a significant presence inside companies since most mid-size to large enterprises have hundreds to thousands of cameras. This makes them an advantageous asset for hackers, from hijacking their services to stealing company data and spying on business operations”.

Forbes, March 2023

CT Scan Machine

Rubyk-MED for connected medical devices

Secure your connected medical devices communication

“With the increasing integration of wireless, Internet- and network-connected capabilities, portable media (e.g., USB or CD), and the frequent electronic exchange of medical device related health information and other information, the need for robust cybersecurity controls to ensure medical device safety and effectiveness has become more important. In addition, cybersecurity threats to the healthcare sector have become more frequent and more severe, carrying increased potential for clinical impact. Cybersecurity incidents have rendered medical devices and hospital networks inoperable, disrupting the delivery of patient care across healthcare facilities in the U.S. and globally. Such cyber attacks and exploits may lead to patient harm as a result of clinical hazards, such as delay in diagnosis and/or treatment”

FDA, September 2023

Working on Laptop

Rubyk-Wi-Fi for remote employees

Safeguard Your Remote Working Employees - working remotely poses a serious threat to corporate security and individual privacy.

Sensitive business information and privacy are increasingly compromised and abused as the world is turning mobile and industrial espionage is on the rise.

“What businesses may not realize is that mobile security may be their weakest link. A cybercriminal only needs to break into one unprotected mobile device (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) in a company to gain access to the entire network” – Forbes 2022.

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