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Rubyk-WiFi Technical Support

Basic Set Up Instructions

Rubyk instructional diagram

Safety Instructions

  • Please use a standard USB power adaptor, 5V/2A.

  • Pictures or diagrams on the instructions are only for reference.

  • We reserve the right to change or modify these instructions at any time without prior notice.

  • Do not expose the Rubyk unit to water or moisture.

  • Do not use the Rubyk unit near heat sources. 

  • Do not insert any objects into the Rubyk unit.

  • When not in use, we recommend disconnecting the Rubyk unit from its power source. 

  • Do not open the Rubyk unit case. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

  • If the Rubyk unit is not working properly, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Contact the manufacturer/distributor for assistance or replacement.

Rubyk WiFi packaging

Step 1

Unbox the Rubyk. Remove it from the packaging and make sure all the components are included. The components include a Rubyk unit, power cable with connector, and user manual.

Rubyk WiFi powe cable

Step 2

Connect the power cable to the Rubyk unit’s micro-USB and to your device (e.g., computer or tablet) or to a certified 5VDC power source (e.g. mobile battery charger).

Rubyk WiFi module

Step 3

Once the Rubyk unit  is connected to the power source (device or external charger), the left green light on the unit will blink repeatedly, and after 30-40 seconds will remain lit without blinking. At this stage, your Rubyk is up and running, ready to connect.

Windows 10/11 example network

Step 4

Use your device(s) wireless settings to connect your mobile device(s)  ( PC, tablet or mobile phone) to your Rubyk by searching your Rubyk network with the Rubyk network name “Rubyk - ****” that was assigned to you. Use your assigned Password to connect to your Rubyk.

Note: If you previously connected your device to your Rubyk, it will connect automatically and you will see it in your device Wi-Fi connection details. 

Rubyk-WiFi configuration interface

Step 5

The Rubyk interface will then present a list of available public/home networks (e.g., hotel, home, coffee shop, train station, airport or any other public Wi-Fi network).  Choose the relevant network and use the network credentials (if no password is required for the network you can leave the password field blank). You may mark a particular network as “favorite” so it will be automatically remembered in the future.

Note: If this network is the last network you connected to or marked it as a “favorite”,  Rubyk will connect automatically to this network. 

The green lights will stop blinking, and the appearance of a constant red light confirms that although you are connected to a public network, your surfing is secured, encrypted and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

I see the Rubyk Wi-Fi network, but after selecting it, my laptop does not connect to it?

Please disconnect the unit from its power source and re-connect it. Alternatively, please shut off the Wi-Fi on your laptop, turn it on again, and retry to connect to the Rubyk network.

Rubyk Technical Support

If you have any issues that have not been resolved by your local IT, please contact us at for any technical questions or any issues of concern. 

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