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Two Rubyk-Cam appliances side-by-side

Rubyk-CAM for security cameras and access points

Safeguard your security cameras and your network

“"Smart" cameras are one of the most ubiquitous IoT devices in the business world today, but they’re also one of the riskiest regarding cybersecurity.

What makes these devices so problematic—and a hacker’s dream—is that they fail at basic cybersecurity, are often accessible from the internet and almost always have outbound access to the internet, too. They also have a significant presence inside companies since most mid-size to large enterprises have hundreds to thousands of cameras. This makes them an advantageous asset for hackers, from hijacking their services to stealing company data and spying on business operations”.

Forbes, March 2023

While smart cameras offer many benefits, their lack of security means they can be turned against the organizations that use them, thus turning into a dangerous insider threat you don’t even realize is there.

Since cameras fall into a security gray zone (is the IT department responsible for securing them, or is it the security department or maybe a 3rd party provider?), it’s widespread for these devices to have several fundamental security failures.

When connecting/operating security cameras, you need to consider the following:

  • Do the cameras have security measures?

  • Can the cameras be accessed by an unauthorized user from the network, or even the external internet. What are the risks of such unauthorized access?

  • Can I fully trust the Cameras’ supply chain?

  • In the unfortunate event of compromising the video cameras or access point controller, what is the threat from them to other assets and your network?

Now you can protect your video security cameras and your network alike, upgrading your organization security significantly and economically.   

Rubyk-CAM by RubyComm is a safeguard companion for remote video cameras and access point controllers. It’s an innovative, palm-size and affordable networking device providing highly secured connectivity over connected cameras – new or legacy.  Rubyk-CAM protects both the cameras from unauthorized access from the network, as well as protecting the network and the organization from the cameras, when compromised. With Rubyk-CAM, camera vendors, integrators and customers can significantly elevate and enhance the network security in the most efficient and affordable manner. 

Rubyk-CAM is a security video camera dedicated solution that is tailored for the specific communication needs and cyber security needs of video security cameras.   

Rubyk-OT Accreditations 

  • FCC Compliant

  • CE Compliant

  • RoHS Compliant

  • KPMG Penetration Testing Certification

  • Patents (pending)

Your Benefits

  • Protect both your cameras, video content and your network from security risks.

  • Protect your legacy cameras with operating systems that cannot support modern security.

  • No changes or modifications are required to your existing IT infrastructure or devices.

  • Rubyk devices can be fully customized to your needs and environment and branded with your company logo (if required).

  • Your asset fleet can be managed by Rubyk-MNGT software.

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