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Four Rubyk-Med Devices

Rubyk-MED for connected medical devices

Secure your connected medical devices communication

“With the increasing integration of wireless, Internet- and network-connected capabilities, portable media (e.g., USB or CD), and the frequent electronic exchange of medical device related health information and other information, the need for robust cybersecurity controls to ensure medical device safety and effectiveness has become more important. 

In addition, cybersecurity threats to the healthcare sector have become more frequent and more severe, carrying increased potential for clinical impact. Cybersecurity incidents have rendered medical devices and hospital networks inoperable, disrupting the delivery of patient care across healthcare facilities in the U.S. and globally. Such cyber attacks and exploits may lead to patient harm as a result of clinical hazards, such as delay in diagnosis and/or treatment” FDA, September 2023

Increased connectivity has resulted in individual devices operating as single elements of larger medical device systems. These systems can include healthcare facility networks, other devices, and software update servers, among other interconnected components. Consequently, without adequate cybersecurity considerations across all aspects of these systems, a cybersecurity threat can compromise the safety and/or effectiveness of a device by compromising the functionality of any asset in the system. 

As a result, ensuring device safety and effectiveness includes adequate device cybersecurity, as well as its security as part of the larger system. connected equipment brings many benefits to operations and management. However, the connectivity also comes with cyber-security risks to the equipment and the organizational network. 

When operating connected medical devices assets, you need to consider the following:

  • Does the device have its own security measures?

  • Can the device be accessed by an unauthorized user from the network, or even the external internet. What are the risks of such unauthorized access?

  • In the unfortunate event of compromising the device, what is the threat from the device to other devices and the network?

Now you can protect your medical devices and your network, upgrading your equipment security significantly and economically.   

Rubyk-MED by RubyComm is a safeguard companion for connected medical devices. It’s an innovative, palm-size and affordable networking device providing highly secured connectivity over connected equipment – new or legacy.  Rubyk-OT protects both the medical device from unauthorized access from the network, as well as protecting the network and the organization from the medical device, if compromised. With Rubyk-MED,  both medical device vendors and customers can significantly elevate and enhance their network security in the most efficient and economic way. 

Unlike standard off the shelf products, Rubyk-MED is a tailor made, dedicated solution that addresses the specific communication needs and risks of individual asset classes.

Rubyk-MED Use Cases

  • Hospital and clinical equipment connected to the local network 

  • Hospital and clinical equipment with internet connection for vendor repair/maintenance access 

  • Remote patient monitoring equipment - telemedicine.

Rubyk-OT Accreditations 

  • FCC Compliant

  • CE Compliant

  • RoHS Compliant

  • KPMG Penetration Testing Certification

  • Patents (pending)

Your Benefits

  • Mitigate the inherent threats of connected medical devices.

  • Protect both your medical devices and your network from OT security risks.

  • Protect your legacy medical devices that their operating computers can not support modern security.

  • No changes or modifications are required to your existing IT infrastructure or devices.

  • Can serve as a platform to enforce corporate security policies.

  • Rubyk devices can be fully customized to your needs and environment, and branded with your company logo (if required).

  • Your equipment fleet and be managed by Rubyk-MNGT software

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