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Two Rubyk appliances

Rubyk OT for Industry 4.0

Connected manufacturing assets are exposed to security threats

Operational Technology assets are prime targets for cyber security attacks.  

In Industry 4.0, the Information Technology (IT) / Operational Technology (OT) convergence is highly beneficial. However, connected OT assets endanger the organizational network with potential consequences. Legacy control systems and remote operations amplify this challenge. 

The Solution: Rubyk OT by RubyComm - Secure Network Gateway for your Equipment

Rubyk OT by RubyComm is a dedicated network safeguard for connected assets. It’s an innovative, stand-alone, palm-size gateway device providing highly secured connectivity for high-value physical assets that are deployed in industrial verticals such as manufacturing, mining, agriculture and energy. 

Rubyk OT protects the connected asset’s network communications by isolating and defending the physical asset from cyber security attacks, as well as defending the network from the asset.

Deploying Rubyk OT is simple and does not impact customer operations:

  • You attach Rubyk OT to your physical asset. It provides an additional layer of defense to your existing IT security measures. There is no need to replace or modify your existing IT security and operational measures or tools.

  • Default Mode: Use as is. Rubyk OT factory configuration default settings include an advanced firewall, DNS and Egress filtering.

  • Advanced Mode: Custom security configuration. Enables customers to tighten security by applying enhanced security settings.

Rubyk OT Use Cases

  • Manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers, pumps, compressors, robots and packaging machines.

  • Chemical plants and Industrial chemical dispensers.

  • Smart machines, Robotics, self-controlled machinery and vehicles. 

  • Renewable energy facilities like wind-turbines, solar fields and sea wave based systems.

Rubyk OT Technical Characteristics

  • Physical Dimensions: 61X60X27 (mm) Industrial grade aluminum chassis (with optional mounting brackets)

  • Power Draw: 5V/2A (DC) 

  • Network Interfaces: 2 X 1 Gbps ethernet (RJ-45 connectors)

  • Software: Rubyk-OT network security suite

RubyComm and Rubyk OT Accreditations

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 27001 Certified

  • CE-EMC Compliant

  • FCC Compliant

  • RCM Compliant

  • KPMG “Trustworthy Seal of Approval” Accreditation (in progress)

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