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Rubyk-WiFi at Paris Coffee Shop

Rubyk-WiFi for Remote Employees

Safeguard Your Remote Working Employees - working remotely poses a serious threat to corporate security and individual privacy.

“What businesses may not realize is that mobile security may be their weakest link. A cybercriminal only needs to break into one unprotected mobile device (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) in a company to gain access to the entire network” – Forbes 2022

Working remotely increases productivity and convenience but compromises privacy, security, and business continuity. When traveling on business or working outside your company’s premises, remote working employees are not protected by your company’s corporate security systems,hence a major security challenge for your company. When remote working employees use a public / unsecured / untrusted WiFi network, you need to consider the following:

  • What do you know about the public WiFi network?

  • Who controls the public WiFi network? Who shares it with you?

  • What security measures/practices are in place, if any?

  • Has the public WiFi network been compromised? If so, by whom and how?

Due to the inherent nature of public WiFi networks, their mode of operation exposes the remote working employee and your company to high risk. It’s fertile ground for adversaries to harm your company, your management, and your employees.

Now you can work remotely with external WiFi Networks in a private and highly secured manner.

Rubyk-WiFi by RubyComm is a WiFi safeguard companion for remote working employees. It’s an innovative, personal, palm-size networking device providing private and highly secured connectivity over public / unsafe / untrusted WiFi networks. By adding an additional layer of protection, Rubyk-WiFi protects the business and private communications of remote working employees using their mobile devices (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) when connected to public / unsecured / untrusted WiFi networks (e.g. at home, hotels, airports, shared working spaces, railway stations, trains, shopping malls, conferences, coffee shops, restaurants, and other public venues). 

Using Rubyk-WiFi is really simple:

  1. You provide your employee with their personal Rubyk-WiFi for use when working outside of the company’s premises.

  2. They connect their mobile devices (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) to Rubyk-WiFi like any other network, only once.

  3. Then, they connect their Rubyk-WiFi to their home WiFi network (one-time only) or to public WiFi networks (each time they connect) – Rubyk creates a segregation between their mobile devices and the WiFi network resulting in a private and secure WiFi connection specifically dedicated to your employee at their chosen work location.

Rubyk Use Cases

  • Remote employees working from their home WiFi network.

  • Business traveling employees working from a hotel, airport, or any other public WiFi network.

  • Business guests in need of  an internet connection while visiting your company’s premises.

Rubyk Accreditations 

  • FCC Compliant

  • CE Compliant

  • RoHS Compliant

  • KPMG “Trustworthy Seal of Approval” Accreditation (in progress)

  • Patents (pending)

Your Benefits

  • Mitigate the inherent threats of public / unsecure / untrusted WiFi networks.

  • Protect your remote working employees when working from home or while traveling on business.

  • Safeguard your sensitive company and 3rd party information by securing the WiFi connection.

  • No changes or modifications are required to your existing IT infrastructure or employee devices.

  • Can serve as a platform to enforce corporate internet security policies.

  • Rubyk-WiFi devices can be branded with your company logo.

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