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Rubyk-OT appliance

Rubyk-OT for Industrial and Smart City Assets

Safeguard your industrial assets and your network

“Industrial organizations are increasingly facing cyber threats not only to their information technology (IT) systems but to their operational technology (OT) environments as well. As OT becomes more connected, digitized and automated, the potential for cyber attackers to break in and cause dangerous disruptions or overrides increases with it. Accidents and unintentional exposures have also caused major incidents.” KPMG, October 2023

Internet connected equipment brings many benefits to operations and management. However, the connectivity also comes with cyber-security risks to the equipment and the organizational network. 

When connecting/operating connected or remote assets, you need to consider the following:

  • Does the equipment have security measures?

  • Can the equipment be accessed by an unauthorized user from the network, or even over public facing internet. What are the risks of such unauthorized access?

  • In the unfortunate event of compromising the assets, what is the threat from the assets to other assets and the network?

Now you can protect your equipment and your network, upgrading your equipment security significantly and economically.   

Rubyk-OT by RubyComm is a safeguard companion for remote access industrial assets. It’s an innovative, palm-size and affordable networking device providing highly secured connectivity over connected equipment – modern or legacy.  Rubyk-OT protects both the equipment from network threats, as well as protecting the network and the organization from the potentially compromised equipment. With Rubyk-OT, both equipment vendors and customers can significantly elevate and enhance their network security in the most efficient and economic way. 

Unlike standard off the shelf products, Rubyk-OT is a tailor made, dedicated solution that addresses the specific communication needs and risk profiles of individual asset classes.

Rubyk-OT Use Cases

  • Industrial manufacturing equipment.

  • Energy equipment such as electric generators, fuel pumps and solar panels.

  • Smart City and utility equipment like traffic lights, utilities and machinery.

Rubyk-OT Accreditations 

  • FCC Compliant

  • CE Compliant

  • RoHS Compliant

  • KPMG Penetration Testing Certification

  • Patents (pending)

Your Benefits

  • Mitigate the inherent threats of remote and locally connected equipment.

  • Protect both your equipment and your network from OT security risks.

  • Protect your legacy OT systems that their operating computers can not provide modern security.

  • No changes or modifications are required to your existing IT infrastructure or devices.

  • Can serve as a platform to enforce corporate OT security policies.

  • Rubyk devices can be fully customized to your needs and environment and branded with your company logo (if required).

  • Your asset fleet can be managed by Rubyk-MNGT software.

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